Beyond Stress: Presentations, Workshops, Individual Coaching


Addressing the Forgotten Basics of Performing Well Under Pressure 

  • Keen to make your mark, but struggling to maintain your drive?
  • In need of new ideas to raise the team’s performance within a tight budget?
  • Feeling like no matter what you do, your life is on an inevitable pathway to nowhere
  • Do the same mistakes keep showing up over and over, despite your best efforts
  • So what could be done anyway, when the time pressures are just so relentless

Marion Pawson of Beyond Stress demystifies the subject of stress with fresh information, and a low time-and-dollar investment approach. The Beyond Stress approach addresses our reflex reactions to the overload of today’s workplace: the responses that fire up whether we work in business, a small workplace team, as a lone individual, or in a large organisation.

“The key to steady productivity is knowing a little about the sensory drivers of performance, and applying some simple principles to manage them.”


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Comments from workshop and presentation participants:

“Marion presents fresh and unusual material with an enjoyable lightness and composure. Her presentation is both focussed and fun, enlivening participants with a stimulating new perspective.”

Anne O’Donnell, Principal, Hawkes Bay Physiotherapy


“Marion is the consummate professional, guaranteed to infuse energy, excitement and creativity into any presentation. She provides participants with multiple ideas for expanding their personal performance.”

Jeanette Clark, Conference Coordinator, KANZ


“It has been most beneficial and thoroughly enjoyable to work with you. I found your explanations clear and succinct. Your teaching style and warm persona put us very much at ease. I have great trust and confidence in your professional work and I have gained a lot of practical and valuable information”

Hannah Ritchie, Director, Ame Natural Products 


And, in the words of our coaching clients:

“The 6 sessions were detailed, intuitive and accurate, highly constructive and surprisingly life changing. Five years on I now have a successful International Company, employing 10 people. As well, I have gone from being on my own to finding my life partner and establishing our home back in NZ. The tide really turned from the moment we did that work.”

Emily Buttle, Director, Empress Stiltdance International


Marion’s skills are outside the ordinary run of things and delivered results exceeding my expectations. Attending to the whole picture, including my flexibility, and emotions was remarkably effective, and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending this process.”                        

Roy McGuiness, McGuiness Classic Cars