Our Staff

Meet Marion Pawson

Recognising the action of instinctual reflexes is the key to the effectiveness of my presentations, workshops, and individual coaching.

Today, we live and work within a remarkably high level of demand. The density of our working and living spaces, and the 24 hour connectivity of our IT devices is, however, merely 50 years old. At the individual level, our brains and bodies are struggling to catch up with the environment that surrounds us.

I am excited to have methods and experience at my fingertips that effectively address this situation. My personal satisfaction comes from coaching teams and individuals to achieve resilience and stamina in these demanding times.

Whatever your stage of life, you can count on me to:

  • hold to a view of who you can be, rather than just who you have been until now
  • coach you within an environment of discovery and development
  • provide a clear understanding of the methodology used
  • respond to the developmental stages and family dynamics which formed you
  • where appropriate, train you in self help methods
  • provide warm and enthusiastic company on your journey
  • recognize and acknowledge your achievements
  • conduct our work to the highest professional and ethical standards

Ethics and Professional Memberships

  • Chartered with NHPNZ (Natural Health Practitioners of NZ)
  • Member of Kinesiology Association of NZ (KANZ).
  • Since 2009, National Executive Member, including responsablity for organizing Wellington’s first national biennial conference.
  • Member of the NZ Touch For Health Kinesiology Association

I am bound by the ethical standards of these bodies, and also by the New Zealand Ministry of Health’s Code of Rights for Health and Disability Patients.